Text shows up, but not in STL's nor Visualization

Text shows up, but not in STL’s nor Visualization, and i missing a step I followed the instructions, the text is there on my design, bit doesn’t show up when I go to Visualization, nor does it seem to show up in the STL file when processed in Simplify3D.

Any help appreciated.


Could you record a short video, showing the modelspace, then Visualization?

When you generate a text, it’s only a sketch first. Those won’t be presented in Visualization or on STL export, so you have to use these sketches to modify the body, e.g. subtract them from it to see them in these cases. I guess this might be the problem, but the video or some screenshots would help to get closer to the solution.

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Yes, I PM’d you, i thought you would have to do something like extrude or whatever, but nothing was mentioned in the instructions…on an example I am also on a Mc and not iPad if that helps… i can place teh text where i want it just fine, it’s there, but that all it says to do in the instructions…I’m new at this still so learning… i am not sure how you would then select the text and extrude or subtract, nothing shows up for me, i tried an extrude but it didn’t look like what you would think…


I’ll record a short video in a few minutes, and explain the situation in a bit detail.

Here is a very basic example video.

What you see here, is that the text isn’t shown in Visualization. But if you select the fillings, and push them in, that subtracts them from the body automatically. Or pull them up, that will also work if you want them to stick out. Now, they are in Visualization, and will be present in the STL export too.

An easy way to think about it is: there is no spo… text :slight_smile: They are just sketches, they are the same as you would get if you draw them using line, spline and arc tools. Visualization only shows bodies though, as there is no way to add textures to sketches. Same with STL, it only contains the bodies, but not the sketches. Since the text is technically just a sketch, it has no height dimension, it won’t be in the exported STL.


Now that I figured out how to select the letters! then it works fine, thank you very much!!

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