Texts disappears

When adding text to the project, it disappears all together when clicking on done. Sometimes won’t extrude.

Shapr3D seems to have some fonts that it works better with than others. Try using Arial and see if it works. Everything I’ve designed with Arial has worked for me. If Arial works, then the font you’re trying to use just isn’t compatible. I’ve found that the more cursive/script looking fonts are hard for Shapr3D to work with.

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I’m having the same issue using Arial on Mac. The text disappears on Enter or Esc.

Hmmm…I’m on an iPad and PC. Is the text really small? What letters are disappearing?

The issue I found with noteworthy was the letter T
If the letter T was in a word, the whole word will disappear when I press done. I found ( when zoomed in) under the left hand side of the letter T had extra lines, so deleted them and now it works.

You bring up a good point…if the text is not a closed object, it will not insert or extrude.