Buggy Shapr with fonts

I’m having weird issues with Shapr. Could be bc of the recent update? Im making simple name plates with 3D names. Now for some reason, when i delete a sketch, it also deletes the model itself. Also, I can not add more names, now matter what I do. Besides, its very hard to pull up the name sketches to make a 3D model, Shapr is refusing some letters or complete names. This is very buggy and weird.

Update: Whole file seems corrupt now, all data seems to be gone for some reason. Anyway…

Still having weird issues. Im typing a text, then i close the tool and the text is gone. I was able to replicate two of the badges i wanted but Shapr keeps deleting it. New update is crap. Going to look for better software.

Did you make sure that the sketch wasn’t just being hidden? Does it still appear in the Items sidebar?

I’m sure. I’ve discovered that the issue seems to be font-related. First I got Manifold issues but then, depending on the names, the whole sketch would just disappear. Take for instance Markerfelt. This one just doesn’t work. Especially the N I believe. It’s a strange bug because you can actually write the text, and it seems to work fine, but when closing the menu, its just gone. They should restrict typefaces that don’t work, saves a lot of frustrations.

Deleting the sketch, which is now related to the model, seems to be after the update. I think this is normal behavior but i don’t like it and it’s not logical. I often don’t need them anymore and it’s cluttering the sidebar.

The text functions are rudimentary at best, and best I could do was find a few fonts that worked and make a note of them elsewhere, since there is nothing in the properties that told me later which font was used (this would be a good thing to keep track of in the history, btw, even if it couldn’t be changed).

I haven’t had a problem with names disappearing, but the manifold issues are most likely font related. For instance, the Kunstler italic font will not extrude unless you zoom in and trim lines and curves to complete a closed letter. Take a look at the fonts that you are having a problem with and see if that is what is going on.

Yes, I’ve noticed. Apparently I’ve picked a typeface that isn’t accepted at all. I’ve changed it and with some tweaks it seems to be fine. To bad a lot don’t work.