The app won't allow me to log in via browser

Hey everyone, I’m new to shapr3d and I’ve been wanting to try to switch from fusion 360,
however, when I open the shapr3d app and click log in on the window that pops up in the middle of the screen it opens up the web browser and asks me
to sign in, upon signing in on the browser the app reopens like its signing me in but then displays the same window asking to sign in or sign up that I used in the first place, I have all my firewall protections turned off and I restarted my computer yet it still does it. If anyone has had this problem or knows what’s going on it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello @justin_knoll,
In most cases, installing the latest Windows update solves the issue. If not, please check the following settings:

  • Change the default browser under Default Apps - Web Browser, then try to log in again.
  • Under the Default Tabs, select Choose default apps by protocol and make sure there is an app associated with the HTTPS protocol.
  • Close the Shapr3D app, search for Resource Monitor, open it and switch to the Network tab, then launch Shapr3D. It should show up in the list of “Processes with Network Activity” with non-zero values in the Send and Receive columns - there’s a chance that some security-related app or setting is blocking the app from opening a browser and accessing the network.

If the aforementioned does not provide a solution, please open a support ticket using the link below and let us know the email address you have your Shapr3D account registered.