The Arkansas Chuggabug from Wacky Races

hi everyone,
I m trying to make this model for 3dprint. It’s the Arkansas Chuggabug from Wacky Races tv serie (
old people like me maybe will remember it). The vehicle it’s entirely done with Shapr and I’m workin with zbrush to make Blubber and Lazy Luke, I hope to finish it soon! What do you think?

render done with beta versione of Cadmio App for IpadPro 169272528_10225363801593217_6084557136722470308_n


This is very cool and artistic! It’s great when it’s harder to spot the primary shapes.

I’ve also been looking out for an iPad rendering solution for on the fly work. This looks like it’s heading the right way so I’ve just signed up…

Thanks :blush:

thank you!
I tried to keep the style and sense of movement of the original toon. I hope to do it with the two characters too.
Cadmio is crazy cool app! hope you can try it soon! :smiley:


Well I’ve received their email… let’s see if it’s good for my slightly more architectural work.

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I’d love to see a basic tut on the character creation! Show us the magic!

a week ago I wrote to them, I asked for the beta version but I didn’t get anything…

Unfortunately the characters are done with zbrush not in shapr3D :frowning:

Here an upgrade of the work in progress :slight_smile:


Great modeling and rendering.
To bad Cadmio works only on the iPad Pro, otherwise I would have signed up for it, too. It just looks like the rendering app I need.

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I signed up for a beta and received a comfirmation mail from Cadmio, including information that I should have received a invitation mail from (TestFlight) as well.
No sutch mail arrived… :pensive:
I reported this to the Cadmio support, and they was quick to respond, and sent me a new invitation. Unfourtenatly the same happend…
I have checked that nothing was caught by the spam filter, nor the trash. I also know that i registrated correct mail address (same as my AppleID).
Has anyone else experienced something similar, or at the best, have any solution to this «challange»? :disappointed_relieved:

I actually received a (working) invitation within minutes, but the problem is Cadmio does not work with 2nd gen iPad pros… :roll_eyes: