The dimension since new update look weird

Okay I’m not sure if this bug or what I didn’t have this issues last patch, when I draw anything 2D the dimension are way too big for the size and they automatically placed super far like i got pinch 5-8 time until I can see them so I can edit

This has been already fixed, just download the ltes version from the App store.

How do I know what version I have?

To check your current installed version, open one of your designs, open “more menu” at the bottom corner, tap on “About” and the first element in the list tells you “App version”.

To check for update: Go to App Store and search for Shapr3D. If it tells you to “UPDATE” there’s a new version, if it tells you “OPEN” you are up to date.

And what does a beta tester do, pray tell? Wait for new betas or act as above?



Thank you

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Cap. Alt. Mariano Samberino Gomez

Beta and App Store version are not in sync. We do beta versions periodically before major improvements. After we release the major update to the App Store, we stop releasing betas to the public and continue to update/fix the App Store version. Currently, we do not have the public beta updated, so we suggest to use the App Store version. Also, it wasn’t clearly communicated so we should do a better job (sorry) and notify beta testers to use the App Store version every time when the major update hits the App Store, thanks for the feedback tommyn :slight_smile: