How to divide a body

I feel this ought to be simple, but I can’t work out how to do it. I’ve designed a bridge for a model railway, but I now want to divide it up into several parts for production. How to I cut it up? To put more simply, if I have, say, a rectangular body, how to I cut it in half and move the two halves apart?

You are right - there should be an easy way to this. Currently there are workarounds.

You can make several copies and create subtract bodies, you can then subtract those bodies (different part for each copy) - and then put it together. Hope this makes sense.

Ok, it’s not just me being a bit stupid then :slight_smile:
I guess this will become a feature in a later release?

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I have been splitting my larger models in the 3D slicer app (FlashForge FlashPrint)