The printed-thread galore

Dear fellow-shaprs,

after lots of discussions about the woes of creating true-to-standard-threads I want to present you my functional astrophotography-adapter…


Or mainly its thread…

It is printed with extrudr’s GreenTEC with standard PLA-settings on my Anycubic i3 Mega with .1mm layer-height.

I went more into detail regarding the filament and other techniques in this thread on Dennis’ forum.

Nevertheless it seems to be possible to design and afterwards print fine-threaded adapters. But the thread is far from being perfect and I hope that the Shaper3D team will present a thread-tool anytime soon.

Feel free to ask…

Cheers Chris

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Here’s another photo just to compare the printout with an industry-grade aluminum adapter…


Have fun… Chris

P.S.: For all who didn’t follow the discussion - this is a.75mm thread (M48x.75 on the aluminum part and M42x.75 on my adapter)…

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Bravo! Thanks

Well done. Thanks for putting this up for us.