The very first Shapr3D prototype from 2014

I was looking for something in my google drive when I accidentally found this. This is a video of Shapr3D from 2014 - the very first prototype that I shared with the first few beta testers. I think this was the video I shared with them as a “learn the basics” tutorial. By the time the iPad Pro did not exist, thus iPads did not have stylus support at all, so I built the first prototype for touch interactions. I quit my full time job just a few month before this video to start working on Shapr3D full time. :slight_smile: To me what’s super interesting is that how similar the philosophy of the app was. Quite incredible what 7 years and a 100 more people can do haha :slight_smile: (intentionally shared this in the “share your creations” category hahaha)


Hi Istvan, you plan to add shadow / light / to the option? (for example, simply the sun as in Sketchup) One light source for a better 3D creation effect.

Hi, we are continuously improving our renderer, but I can’t give you an exact date when shadows will be added.

Great that you might think then. One light source would be enough for better 3D orientation :slight_smile: