Thin wall and STL import/export

Hello everybody,

Can I draw .8mm (0.8mm)walls with the Shapr3D app?

When,please when will the import/export STL files come available?(tomorrow?)

I’m asking,because I would realy like to begin using the IPad pro app in the future for 3D printing.




You certainly can draw 0.8mm walls and STL export is already available :slight_smile:
Stl import is coming in 2018 hopefully.

Thank you for the fast reply Daniel…

2018 would be great…Especially on the first of january.(haha)

Happy new year.


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Until we are ready with STL import, you can use other services to convert STL to STEP. And you can import STEP to Shapr3D directly.

To convert STL to STEP:

  1. Download FreeCAD:
  2. Load STL to FreeCAD
  3. Convert to STEP format

You can find the detailed conversion steps here:

Load STEP to Shapr3D

  1. Install Shapr3D
  2. Import the STEP file

Takes a few extra steps, but it should work.


Thank you Gabor.

For thinking with me.

Greetings Robin

Thanks, Gabor.
Any ideas, anyhow, about a release date for the STL importer?
If you only want to work on an ipad pro… passing through a Pc or Mac for any STL file is a pain…
Great app, anyhow… i’d want to directly prepare here the files to 3d print with an Ultimaker 3x.

Hi - mesh import is something which is always on our mind. I can’t promise you anything, but hopefully happen mid-term, but no ETA.