Tilting towards (0,0,0) versus other Options?

Looking for some advice… I’m trying to cut away from a plane that is on an angle from the objects that would be the cut-away template. The purpose is to embed these glyphs into this ring. The ring is 45ish degrees of tilt.

Top view:

Perspective view:

(The letters imported as Mesh objects)

Because trying to write and place 578 individual greek letters into a circular orientation like this would have been like mental water-boarding, I exported them from other software and converted them to stls to get them into Shapr3d. (Photoshop-Svg-(svg2stl)->stl import.

Projection would be great but it is unavailable now that these have imported as Mesh objects. It seems like my only other option would be to rotate the ring 578 times, perfectly align each letter on an axis, rotate the individual letter by appx 45 degrees away from the center point (x578), and then scale the full ring until I’ve gotten the cutaway engagenent to the ring I wanted to embed this text into.

Rotating the group always move the group as a plane. Is there a “rotate this group of objects respective to center” trick or some other way to do this that I’m missing?

It looks like using DWG as an intermediate format I can at least get the letters imported as sketch.

Is there a way for me to bulk-rotate all of individual letters inward or outward towards the center without doing it one-at-a-time?

At minimum it looks like I could extrude them all and project onto the engraved surface, still pretty time consuming but at least its an option. If I could find a way to rotate them individually in relation to [origin] then I could extrude them into the box as a method for engraving.

That’s in the domain of UV projection. Hard to achieve. What program did you use for the circular text?

For the circular text, I ended up just using Photoshop. Create a circle path, then the text tool has an option to snap to that path as a guide. It’s a little finicky but there are some good posts out there about how to do it if you get stuck

Once I had the text spaced the way I wanted, I converted the layer to shape, and then on the layer right-click / context menu, there was a “copy svg” option to put the svg representation of that shape on the clipboard. From there you can do an svg to stl or an svg to dwf, depending on which you need.

I ended up getting a “good enough” result without bending all of the typeface center wise as requested in my post above. I was about to get a good extrusion by: Projecting the sketch onto a plane, extruding that plane into a box ( like a mold ), overlapped another box and then using the subtraction tool against them to treat the extruded plane like a mold to build the text out of the negative.

Once I had a giant ring of extruded text that wasn’t mesh, I ended up aligning the three rows of extruded text vertically staggered and used them as cutouts against the main model perpendicular to its base. It does slightly elongate the text but I think it’s fine for now.

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