Toggle space mouse delay

The problem that this feature will solve:

Unresponsive user interface while using a Space Mouse. There appears to be an intentional 2 second delay to tilt, roll, and spin inputs from a Space Mouse after an orthographic view (top, front, side, etc…) has been selected.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

Add a toggle setting to disable this intentional 2 second delay.

Being able to select the behavior will increase user experience and efficiency while using a Space Mouse. Having full 6 degree freedom with no delays feels more natural and is faster. The enterprise model already has a dedicated button to lock the orientation. Adding a toggle for this setting would enable this feature for the compact model by allowing it to be mapped to a side button.

What is is that you can’t achieve without this feature?

The current delay to tilt, roll, and spin is extremely distracting. The intentional pause makes the user interface feel broken and that you have to physically fight against the software to get the model to move. Especially when it moves freely the majority of the time.

Thanks for the detailed request and suggestion! That delay is there to protect from accidental exits but it can indeed get in the way. I don’t have a release time that I could commit to right now, but it’s on our mid-term roadmap to provide a good solution for this – an option to disable it is one of the options we’re considering.

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