Top menu bar suggestions

This is not a blocker, but in my opinion a UI/UX improvement.

Here are some ideas to improve the top menu bar.

  • Remove the sync operation from the drop down menu when you click the project name. (It is already the first choice under the ellipses menu, in the top menu.)
  • Include the downward arrow, which looks like a UI control in the space to open the project name. Currently the control seems to be the text box.
  • When opening the drop down for the project name, have the text for the project name selected.
  • Move the big blue share button to the ellipsis menu (with changes, see below).
  • Get rid of the Export part of the blue share button options. It is redundant with Export in the ellipsis menu.
  • Change the name of Share & Embed. Perhaps Webview Link. Put that option in the ellipsis menu. Share means something different (even though it is broken in iPad), it is an option in Export.