UX improvements

hey Shapr3d team! I have a few small things that I think can improve UX of the app on iPad with a pencil:

  • seems like the “All items/Bodies/Faces/Edges” menu that pops up during selection with a pencil should be on the opposite side because it’s only available when the pencil is actively selecting, and to use the menu I need to use other hand to make the selection.
  • the Section view button needs to be moved to the side with the Undo/Redo buttons, at the moment have to move the pencil all the way accros the screen and block the view with own hand.
  • the Isolate button needs to be duplicated and put right next to the Undo/Redo, so the flow when “select area with pencil and hit isolate” does not require extra click
  • I use Project tool a lot, and would be nice to have it in the main menu instead of a sub menu, perhaps a way to move those buttons around?
  • In the Project menu please please save the Projection Type selection at the User level. right now it’s not saved at all, I have to select Sketches every time.
  • need a way to stop the sync in the Designs menu. In the sync preparation state I can’t open the design, and that state takes a while sometimes.
  • would be nice for the section view button to work when a cylinder or circular edge is selected, just slice the cylinder or the circle in half and use side of the view cube closest to the user view, so insides of a cylinder would be on display.
  • I don’t know if there is a easy way to add a construction plane that cuts selected cylinder or circle edge/sketch in half, kind of need the same thing as the Section slice a circle thing described above.

Thank you!


Good points, thank you. Many of these are already in the works.