Total novice needs help quickly!

Hi everyone out there. I am an old woman who is trying to create a simple 3-d printed 1/16” stencil to use on a series of paintings. It’s basically a border design and I’m trying to finish it before my trial use is over on the first of June, when everything turns into a pumpkin, including my novice brain.

I thought I had figured-out how to close up all my line drawings into closed shapes that I then could use the extrude tool to make a stencil. My rendering was far from perfect, but close enough for now. Finally I got the border shapes to close up but I have these two shapes above and below that will eventually have hand-painted script, and they are not turning into closed shapes that I can extrude.

This border etc. will eventually be part of a 12” x 16” painting of a seed packet for an imaginary GMO flower. I do post-apocalyptic botanicals.


If I could send someone a file of what I’ve done, and you could see what I’m screwing up, that would be most helpful.

Somewhere your sketches are not connected. You can easily figure it out by splitting your sketch with lines for a few times.

Was that quick enough? :wink: