Transform suggestion and possible bug

Two things - In “Move, Scale, Rotate” if you make a selection of objects, then begin transforming, then undo, you loose your possibly difficult and time consuming selection and have to start over with it. It would make more sense to leave the selection selected b/c it’s much easier to unselect than to select.

Which leads me to a possible but report ~ in the same function - Transform > Move, Scale, Rotate, tapping off of all objects should deselect everything, but I’m finding this to be inconsistent and often does work. So if you want to deselect objects in order to transform something else, you can’t just tap away from all objects to deselect.

thanks for any help.


Hello Anne,
Thank you for your feedback.
I tested and see that for the latter it happens sometimes when in the Transform tool menu, tapping off the selected objects does not deselect them. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We keep trying improving Shapr3d and feedback from users like yours is always welcome.
I have forwarded your feedback to our development team.
Please let me know if you have any further questions, I would be glad to assist.