Two issues with the Move/Scale/Rotate tool

Noticed two issues with the Move/Scale/Rotate tool:

  1. If you check the “copy” toggle after initiating the movement, it won’t copy the original;
  2. Once you have selected/added a body, double tapping to unselect/remove it won’t work.

About issue 1, I guess this unexpected behavior is meant to avoid confusion when making several copies, but it’s quite annoying in all the cases when you are just making a copy of the original.

How about making this a two-step process like the Translation tool?
step 1) select bodies;
step 2) move/rotate/scale with or without copying the bodies selected in step 1:
step 3) done or continue with step 1.
To work properly it should be also possible to deselect/remove bodies from the transformation (i.e. by fixing the issue 2)