Transform tool problem

Hi, I am having a problem with the Transform->Move tool in that I am trying to move and copy an object but am unable to get more than 0.7mm away from original object before it disappears. Once moved I can select and start to move 2nd object but then it disappears. I have used search for similar questions/bugs but haven’t found anything. I have also try the Tanslate tool with same disappearance of object. This object is in a group if that makes a difference.

Help would be appreciated.

I managed to make a video of the problem

Just thought I’d say my Transform copy issue gone away in latest update :smile: Thx a lot

Hi Tom - sorry for the belated response. The problem was that you have only selected a face, and not the whole body. please make sure to select the full body by douple-tapping.

Thanks for the reply Daniel, I guessed you might all be busy on updates. It’s funny that I thought I had selected it but obviously not anyway seems fine now in latest.