Transformer wire turns

So I did this part of a transformer so I can test sweep tool but it seem to fail at specific number of turns


I’ll put the shapr file also for you to test it out

Transformer.shapr (832 KB)

First I thought selecting the line in the sweeping order will solve the problem, but sadly not :confused: We are going to investigate it!

Hello @KPeter
I made it with plain sketch projecting and 4 quarts instead of 2 halfs

Results are still faulty
Here is a video
Transformer update

The first workspace has some minor inaccuracies which make the sweep fail. It looks like the cube was misaligned before the projection.
But nevermind, one of my colleagues found it interesting and recorded a workflow that results in a successful sweep :smiley:

pl.: I quite like the challenging ideas you come up with

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Haha thanks :smiley:
Here is shapr3d file I forgot to post yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:
Transformer.shapr (4.4 MB)
Try to sweep it and check both ends
I’ll try your way
I’m glad you like it :smile:

Watching that video was a little painful. But I bet your colleague really wishes that there was a “snapping” point at the last number that was punched in (a poor man’s array helper) alteast you won’t have to type 0.638 many, many, many times…

I had to type 6.919 3 times
You don’t know :joy:

yea, i was thinking more along the lines of doing it for real and not just a small part of the full piece…

Draw a profile, use the revolve tool determine the height and number of rotations, subtract to a square shape, draw a circle, use sweep tool on the edges, done! :+1:

Test.shapr (3.7 MB)


@Robert Very cool :+1:

Although not what I meant

Check this video out


The swept shape does not follow path correctly
It tries to go conical

I bet if I were to make it higher it’ll eventually show conical shape.

Even though the path is straight helical.