Translucent rendering should be possible outside of model selection

When selecting a model it turns translucent. This visualization would actually be pretty useful if you could use it outside of selecting a model. Think an enhanced version of “Show Hidden Edges”.

It is called “X-Ray Mode” in some applications.


I agree 100% this is a feature that would be great when designing in assemblies.


+1. At the moment I have to change transparency level via Visualization to achieve something like this, which is not easy to toggle on/off. A separate view mode doing this ^ would be way better, the toggle button could be put next to Section view button.

Once it was…

It is still the most annoying thing with Shapr (for me). And I still from time to time use or downgrade to an earlier version 4.12.2 when I need this - Efficient, fast, rational it was.

I get around that by duplicating my project and the dupe has the Visualisations materials applied while the original doesn’t. I know that’s a tad fiddly and not perfect but it gets me out of a spot.

I use that method from time to time, but then only as finishing the project. Before that it is (for me) just not practical as every adjustment needs to be done in parallel universes. And also ends upp to a colossal time waste. And as I wrote earlier, it hurts extra as it worked so extremely well in earlier versions.

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