Trim line/cut line query whilst using constraints

Hi all, I’m a newbie, picked up the iPad and pencil today, having used auto cad, and inventor I find I have to think differently to get around the smaller amount of drop down menus… so, I see there are constraints on the lines and dimensions, I was trying to do the simple pencil holder drawing as a starter. What I have a problem with is there is no trim to line, or cut line feature… once I have snapped 2 lines together at their end points, when I go to make one shorter it keeps dragging the other one with it… is this just me being an idiot with the new pencil device ( I have never used before), or is there a way to prevent this? I’ve tried fixing the lines down with the constraint tools etc, but I am at whits end… help… please… I don’t want to give up yet, I bought the iPad literally because of this software, having seen a friend using it, and having an application it would be great for… thanks for your assistance in advance.


Actually you don’t need to trim sketch lines at all, thanks to the autofill functionality. Can you explain a bit more what are you trying to do?

Currently you can’t remove point on curve constraints, or disjoin points, but in a few weeks (1-2) we will add this functionality.

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Have you seen this tutorial?

It was the tutorial I was following, or at least trying to… I’d done the side sketch of the base, and then the side view sketch of the start of the Pencil, as he moves it down into position, he says, ooh, lets just trim and extend the pencil line to a point so you can see where the bottom of the pen should sit in relation to the base… I can’t split those two lines to extend the other, and a simple split line tool, or cut/trim to line tool would do the job…It seems like the constraints are tieing them together. I understand the want to keep the tools to a minimum, but certain tools it seems are a must… I have no way of moving forward it seems, the two joined points just move together all the time. I can’t seem to separate them now…

This is a new video?

Yes, this is a new one. You can access it from the app, we accidentally did not replace the videos on the website, only in the app, apologies.

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With the 2.0 release the workflow has significantly changed because of the constraints functionality, this new tutorial reflects these changes very well. Let me know if this helped.

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Thanks Istvan, honestly, I’m already at the point after an hour of trying to fool it, thinking there must be a get round, where I’m thinking 2 weeks wait… ugghhhh really, then what glitch next… I do love the simplicity of the software, but I’m old and grey enough already… to be the guineapig, did that many years ago with early versions of cad… I have spent all afternoon watching old versions of videos, to watch them all again…! Nah… I’ll come take another look in. A few weeks time.

Hey this is Claas creator of those videos. How can I help you?

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Hi Class, thanks for your rapid response. Not a lot will help me at this point… if I cant release 2 lines once joined, it’s pretty much impossible to go back on a procedure… my poor little brain doesn’t think 20 actions ahead I’m afraid… I’ll take a look at the other video another day, my blood pressure is too high at present… :sweat_smile:

Is there not a way too release the 2 lines? Any global constraints tools? I tied both far ends down and removed dimensions constraints and then left the 2 points I wanted split released with no constraints, but still the computer then just said NO… is there not a simple way of, if those points are showing as a blank circle, not constrained, you can just move at will… obviously the dimensions constraint would need releiving too, which I also tried… slightly frustrated is an understatement, I really did go out today to buy my iPad for this software… bummer… guys it’s fantastic, I am mega impressed with the pencil tool, etc, let me know when it has a few creases ironed out… I’m in, just now I have an expensive tv monitor, whilst I wait😕

Can you post some screenshots?

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I’ve found a get round, by dropping a circle on top of the intersection of the two points and an additional perpendicular line I can reference to later…delete the one line I wanted to extend, and then draw it again through the center point and beyond into dead space, let me know as soon as you get a trim tool please… life would be sooo much easier…:grinning:

Hey Stewart,

Shapr3D adds concident constraints instantly when you drag a line point onto another line or another line point.
In Fusion or Solidworks those constraints always have to be added later.

Shapr follows a pretty smart and fluid sketching workflow.

There are two ways to approach this:

  1. You can glue lines or arcs together if later you dont want a connection you can delete a line and recreate it.

  2. Instead of ending lines on each other you can just draw them crossing each other.
    Shapr3D can read the inner sketch filling of a closed shapes without the need of lines ending onto each other ends
    This way you can easily move the individual lines later as needed.

Does this help?


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I think the way I did the get round is pretty much that way, yes, thanks Claas. I don’t usually give up easily, but when you are used to having certain tools in the tool box, like inventor, etc and then not having them makes it a whole new ball game… it’s like a carpenter having his saw taken away and asking him to trim or cut a joist… I was a carpenter… but there is always a way, eh? Thanks, I look forward to the next get round, and I love tools… it’s a great piece of software, and I’m all in… thanks for your rapid responses too…

Those constraints in the other software can be a real pain too… I like your approach, it will be great when it’s just a case of releasing the constraints you dont want rather than adding loads…