Would like an "add point" and/or "split line" tool for sketching

I often wish I could split a line in two. Current workaround is to trim the line segment, then re-draw it, but that can mess with any constraints bound to the trimmed line. Ideally adding a point would maintain those constraints. Other things this can do are constrain the line parallel to the original, and also add a relative length constraint to each split line, if the original had one.

Some interfaces for this could be “split at intersection” (for when 2 sketch lines intersect), “split in middle”, and “add point”.

Other times, I want to add a point to my sketch, in arbitrary space, so I can position it and sketch from there. This feels like it could be related to line splitting, as one of the interfaces I mention for “splitting” a line is just to add a point.

Thank you!


Hi Ada, sketch split is not prioritized yet, but the sketch point feature is on our radar already.

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Thank you for the reply, I look forward to it! :blush:

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Seconded! I have a nice complex cross section spline drawn, and I just need a portion of it to guide a loft. Splitting by a point on the curve sure would be handy.

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Yup being able to add points on a spline or change points from lines to splines would be great.
I have found that when trying to trace a curvature. If you need to add a couple of points to get more accurate you have to start all over again. If you could just add a point between the 2 existing points that would make life a lot easier.

You can add as many points as you want to existing spline in current parametric based version. Not sure about non parametric one.

Thanks is that the version in beta at the moment

Semi beta as I can understand. It’s available on the site in download section as a release. Also in TestFlight. But in AppStore I believe still old version.

Hi @Xdrakosha thanks for your post. I cant get that dialog window to show. Searched the site for the download you mentioned could not find anything so i went back into shapr opened a new file and started messing around with a spline on its own
And hey presto i found that if you hold the pen on the spline and apply a little pressure a new control point materialises. What’s more a little icon also appears showing the option to toggle between. Hard point with straight lines or leave it as a spline
Every day is a school day. Thanks for you input

This download I mention :slight_smile:

On a Mac that’s just right mouse click

I would love to have this feature!