Trimming and joining curves

Here is a proposal for the trimming and joining of curves, let us know what you think. @CEKuhnen?

  1. No auto trimming, ever
  2. Press and release the pencil on a curve to split it
  3. Press and hold for 1 sec the pencil at the join of two curves to join them.

How does that sound? This way we could avoid adding a “join tool” and a “trim tool”, and the Pencil would cover even more of the sketching, without any tools.

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Perfect! I think for a mobile app this is better!

I still like that auto fill however. Could we do it the way Fusion does?

Draw lines, curves, overlap them, and from that extract surfaces to extrude?

Also when doing an extrusion an option to keep the original curves would be A like AMAZING (with Arnold’s accent)


We could, we just like to question every single aspect of current CAD solutions, that’s why Shapr is Shapr :slight_smile:

My main problem with Fusion’s aspect, is that it handles sketches as special objects. In Shapr, sketches are just ordinary geometry, like everything else. It is fundamental in Shapr, that you can directly edit your topology/geometry, this makes it so natural. And this also lets you editing imported geometry just like if it was created in Shapr. Still, we are open to add the “autofill” option similarly to Fusion.

And that is what I like so much about it - making Shapr more like Alias/MOI less like engineering.

Well looking forward to the next update. Today maybe?

Hope so! Working on it.