Thoughts about about dimension and join/auto trim system

I am quite fond of the fact that I have not to add constraints but can adjust length and angle in a sketch.
This is quite convenient for better drafting.

drawing a line 1.5 mm and then 90 degree from an edge can help making some parallel offset lines by hand.

But then what makes the engine very hard is the auto join and trim of curves.

I would rather prefer the way how Fusion does it which giving the user access to surfaces found inside a closed shape without trimming the lines/curves.

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Yeah, that’s how it will work, we just don’t have the trimming/join tool yet.

having this auto trim build in is pretty awesome already.

being able to turn it off and keep the original lines would be also very welcome.

both methods are very good for specific scenarios.

here is an image from Fusion. I just put some lines down and extrude shapes based on the intersections.