Subtract tool issue/bug latest release

Hi, After the latest version I am getting different issues. I will describ one of them…
The Subtract tool. As I used to use this tool was to select an object that you want something else like a rod to be extracted from to make a hole. Probably there is an easier way and I will try that option in a bit. I have tried over and over and over again, just to subtract a rob to make a hold. This sound simple to me. This should be way easier than it is to the point of spending time to write this post. I am making a Fan Shroud for my Ender 3 Max with an intergraded Zesty Nimble mount that I got off Thingiverse. I want to put holes where the bolts are going to go to hold the Zesty bNimble to the Mount. So…
I start by creat a ROD.
2) I select the Subtract Tool.
3) I select the parts that I want have a hole in them (+)
4) I then select the ROD (-)
5) I tap done.
6) precess is finished
7) but no hole.
8) most of the time if I select one of the objects that were supposed to have a hole in it and select delete the hold appears.
This seems strange to me. Also, I seem to be getting duplicate/copy of the object I was trying to make a hole in. So maybe by selecting delete I am deleting a copy therefore revealing the version that actually has the hole in it. Also on the part that should have a hole in it I do see a circle like a 2D plain. I can select the 2D circle but I can’t delete said circle. I don’t know if there are 2D plains that I need to delete before this function will work. I tried deleting an objects under LAYERS that said PLain… but that did not fix the issue.
Also, I know there is the new Split Body Tool and I can not figure out how to use it. I don’t understand how or which plain to select. Do I have to create a construction plain before I can use the Split Body Tool.

Here are a few screen shots…

I am almost positive it has to do with the duplication of the main(+) object that I need to delete and then part with the hole in it shows up. I hope this gets fixed soom. So frustrating but at least I figured it out.

YES, After the Subtract finishes if I Zoom in and then double tap in the circle show in the screen shot above then tap delete the hole appears. So defiantly the subtract tool is duplication the object.

The reason for the duplication is because you have ‘Modified Bodies’ enabled. Before you select Done, choose either ‘Removed Bodies’, or ‘None’.