Trouble creating zip exports

Hey team,

Just noticing this quirk, but if I have a file open and there are multiple folders inside the file and I try to export just one folder, when I click on save individually it’s supposed to create a zip file and you can select each component separately.

I think due to these parts being in a folder, it can’t parse it out and it becomes one big STL/STEP file. Is there something else I need to be doing?

I have 3 folders organizing my parts and I just want to export one folder at a time so I hide the others and want to have them export all as individual pieces.

My solution right now is to just pull all the files out to the main “all items” list, and use the empty folders as like an indexing mark. I hide all the other items then I can zip out the ones I want.

It’s doable, but I feel like this can be an easy fix on the shapr3d teams side.

Hi there!
Please open a support ticket using the link below and send us the following:

  • The version of Shapr3D you are using
  • The file you have the problem with

Thanks in advance