Trouble extracting or moving a design

I am having trouble with turning a sketch into 3D. It looks to be a closed sketch but has trouble adding the top line in the design. No matter what I do, it remains dark.

Exit Sketch mode and try again.

Tried that many times — no difference. I thought a joining point might be not quite touching but appears to join on both sides when I zoom in as far as I can.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you upload the Shapr3D file to the forum?
Many of us would like to help out.

Slicing the sketch is usually a good way to find holes. If you use straight lines, when the sketch filling appears, that part is okay, just repeat it until you find the hole.

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Laci_K, thanks for that tip will try it.

TigerMike, thanks for the offer but not with this particular sketch. I was attempting to copy a design I already drew on paper that’s too important to share. I’m planning to ask another question soon and will draw something specifically for it.

I totally understand.
FWIW, one thing you can do is make a duplicate Shapr3D file and delete everything except for that particular sketch in question. Then you can share that particular issue and only that issue.