Projection Bug


I encountered for the second time now problems with projection. You can see the issue in the attached image. I project a body onto a construction plane. IMHO this should work. I also wonder why projection from body to body creates kind of “engravings”. Bug or feature?

Find the workspace attached.

Otherwise as always: still deep in love with the product & it’s evolution!

projection-bug.shapr (987.4 KB)

Okay, the feature is called imprinted body edges. Sorry for not learning that myself before asking.

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Hi @deets, thanks, it is something we should investigate. The edge where the blob connects to the cylinder makes the projection fail, please see the workaround below until the issue is solved:

The cause of why the projected sketches become edges after a projection is 3d curves are not supported yet. If you wish to project an edge/sketch onto a planar face of a body, it can be selected if the result should be a sketch or edge. If the target of the projection is a plane, the result can only be a sketch. If the projection target is a curved surface, the result cannot be a planar sketch, the only option left is to make it an edge. This edge can be moved with the Move/Rotate tool like any other edge on a body and the enclosed area can be extruded too.

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