Trying to determine size of structure

I have tried to determine what size floor joist, what the size of the windows might have been. This is an old timing tower from Orange County international raceway, it was built in the early to mid sixties and closed down in early eighties. Hear are some photos I found on line, quality is not the best on some of them. There is a shot of the right side that shows the stairwell. Does anyone know if that would indication of the floor to ceiling height. Any information from any one who is or was a architect or any one in construction. Here are the photos I found.image



Standard chair seat height is roughly 18”. There also appears to be a possible standard 8’x4’ sheet of ply nailed over broken windows in the penultimate pic. Very rough but might help for scaling. The room in the first pic looks like it might be 10’ floor to beam above window.

Just a rough guess of course.

Edit: just noticed the other image appears to show guys standing on raised boxes behind said chairs. They appear to be of average height (6’?) and it looks like there’s at least 2’ clear above his head. If the box is 18” or more high then a good estimate puts it at 9-10’.


Started working on this project, I’ve got it rough out. Now adjusting size of floors and walls, on the last photo there is a stairwell does anyone know what to height from landing to landing. Are there variations in height like 8ft or 10ft. And would anyone know what to height of the stairs would be, I’m guessing the same as a normal set of stairs would be, not sure if there is a difference between commercial and home use.
Thanks for any help.

Here is we’re I’ve gotten so far, on the OCIR Timing Tower from 1983

Still need to work on creating stairwells, adding walls and flooring and the roof. I found some photos online, this helped with the framing. There are some things on the interior I don’t know what it looked like. There are some photos of fuse boxes and lighting fixtures placement.