Kitchen Units to be used outside MDF Tricoya

I have started making a set of kitchen units that will be open sourced for people to use to create their own outdoor kitchen. My intention is to make a set that I will use myself outside and will allow others to modify and create their own.


How did you draw the hinges?

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I downloaded them from Blum CAD service


I would have huge use for that.

I sugest you make the sizes in with 300,400,500,600 milimeter wide that is the most used cabinet sizes.

I build and mount alot of kitchens in sweden .

Hight on legs are mostly 166 milimeters
Cabinets 704 milimeter in hight.

Making it 870mm from the floor to underside of the countertop.
Then 30milimeter countertop makes total hight 900milimeter

Perfect working hight for a kitchen

Do you have a link for that?


Thanks for the size guide, I will adjust and make changes accordingly. I will share a GitHub repo with the STEP files in if you have a use for them

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Here is the repo with STEP files GitHub - theopengrill/opengrill: A collection of open source 3D CAD kitchen units

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Thank you!

Works like a charm .


I have decided to change the height slightly to 720mm with legs of 150mm as this seems to be more of a common kitchen leg size. This keeps the height at 870mm plus 30mm for the top.


No Worries, if you have other units you need let me know, at the moment the drawers are legrobox from Blum as they offer a stainless steel side, but will be adding the other tandem and metabox systems. Also what sizes would the wall units be?