Turn off constraints view?

I am trying to draw box sides and bottom to cut with a laser cutter. The number of constraints being shown is getting in the way. I have two or three versions of the box as I try different things. The loading time has increased so much that after 5 minutes I end up backing out of the ap and restarting.

I am working with iPad, Shapr 5.290

I might not understand something, but have you tried the “Selection-based” visibility setting on the Constraints Settings panel you show on this screenshot? It does exactly what you are asking for, turning off the display of all constraints but the ones related to the selected sketch item.

Or you did turn it to selection-based and the performance issues still persist? If so, could you share your design with us so we can check what’s going on? It’s OK to send it as a private message or via an email to peter.gyongyosi@shapr3d.com if you don’t want to share it publicly here.

Out of curiosity, why did you decide to create those horizontal & vertical sides out of dozens of interconnected & constrained segments instead of just a few lines? It does contribute a lot to the complexity of the sketch and surely took a lot more time to draw.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am trying to draw slotted box sides to cut with my new laser cutter and assemble. If I save the sketch as svg it transfers to LightBurn that I am using with my Laser. I try selection based, and as soon as I select the box, it lights up with the constraints. I was able to delete portions of my drawings so it now loads better, but still takes a long time. I am wondering why some of the sections have constraints attached and some don’t. I think I am drawing them all the same.

BoxesForLaserCut.shapr (522.3 KB)

I am just a hobbyist doing things for personal use, so I don’t have the professional knowledge like some on the forum do.