Umake STP file opening in Shapr3D Help!

Can someone see if you can open this file I exported from Umake. I exported this same file from Umake as a STL file. It opened in Shapr3D but as a Sheet model. Shapr3D is trying to open the STP version as a Parabola structure. Shapr3D is have trouble opening the file. I’d love to sketch my 2D design in Umake and then finish the design in Shapr3D, as a work around. Neither app does exactly what I want to perform at this time. So I am trying to find a work around for now.
Gun 2.stp (10.3 MB)

Thank You

Consider this before you download such a file. It is highly likely a file with this name is tagged with meta data and would be a flag in the US.

We don’t support STP files coming from uMake. Unfortunately due to the quality of the surfaces and curves that uMake creates, it’s impossible to properly process it and turn it into a solid model that would work well in Shapr3D.

OK, then as another work around is there another iPad app that I can 2D sketch in as a single drawing/sketch plan and import that into Shapr3D? I have asked for a freehand sketch tool but it does not seem like Shapr3D likes that idea. Or at least not enough to make it a priority. I hait having to draw a lot of short spine lines on a picture I import to create a 2D sketch plane!! Just to hard when I could just quickly freehand outline the image and be done with it.

The accurate digital path of hand-drawn sketches is a spline with a huge amount of control points. High number of control points can guarantee the digital path matches the drawn sketch within a given tolerance.
If you wish to directly transfer those sketches to a CAD modeling tool, the curves with all the control points will be imported resulting in a way overcomplicated geometry even is you are using a simple extrusion. Simply because the input curve was made of hundreds of control points. If you’d look for a cleaner set of splines, it will reduce the accuracy by removing or rebuilding the control points.

Cimbining simpler splines and fillets on the extruded body is a more time-consuming method I know, but it will result in a model that has cleaner input and is easier to work with.

If anyone in the community has any ideas, I’m open for it. Because of this accuracy-complexity connection the right tool must be well hidden in the wild.

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YES, I was able to create a sketch plane from a picture this time by just drawing very very short lines all around my drawing. Maybe I am just getting better at using this technique. It was much easier than before. But, Umake can do what you describe and all I have to do is a continuous draw tracing a picture. I think Umake does at least something similar with a lot of spine points. Umake adds the spin points automatically as I draw. So, it should be doable in Shapr3D. I don’t know how much reworking of the software would be involved.
In conclusion: I got done what I needed to perform but a Freehand drawing tool still would be a very appreciated and nice improvement to the Shapr3D software.

Update I just canceled My Umake subscription. I decided why spend the money, and why spend all the time to creat a model that I can’t print. But… I still love the Freehand drawing model in Umake. And I will say once again PLEASE implement FreeHand drawing in Shapr3D. You, Developers, spend all this time designing parabolic modeling but what would make my #D printing life easier is a FREEHAND drawing mode. Thank You Ps othgerwize I LOOOOVE Shapr3D.