Unable to open stp file from friend who created file on his Shapr3d iPad

Hello…im not sure what Im doing wrong…a friend sent me his stp file of a basic shape to open on my iPad with shapr3 d. We are both licensed users. I have the file In iCloud…when I try to open…the error message “the file couldn’t be opened because it doesn’t exist”…yet when I upload to Autodesk it clearly exists. I have no problem opening my stp files that I created with shapr3d that I store in my iCloud…am I missing something or doing something wrong? We want to share our creations with one another…and for some reason it won’t open.


thank you in advance

iCloud… well it has issues. Can you try send it via email or Airdrop?

The same is happening to me trying to upload a simple STP to Sketchfab using my iPad Pro. I had solved the problem converting it to OBJ …but :frowning:

Strange…I found that by emailing the stp file to my Ipadpro…I could access and open the same file…that I have stored on my iCloud…BUT unlike the stp files I create in 'shaper3D…that I save on my iCloud…Im unable to open a stp file created by a friend on HIS Ipadpro that I saved in iCloud…strange. BTW…I saved my friends stp file to iCloud FROM my iMac …but I share iCloud with all devices… So it seems like if I save a stp file sent to me on my iMac…I can’t open it in shaper3d…BUT if I save to iCloud FROM my iPad…I can then go back and open the file stored in iCloud


Interesting… iCloud magic :frowning:

To be honest I never had too much issues with iCloud, but I have seen many people who did :frowning: