Unable to push face

This is not even funny…

Upon trying to push a cylinder face I simply get an additional line around the cylinder instead of a face push.

I’m so close to abandoning this tool is BASIC functions don’t work wtf?!

Edit: The top pushes the bottom does not

Can you post a video? This cylinder push works perfectly for me right in version 2.0.6 on both ends (top and bottom).

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I’ll try to film the issues as I find them…I’m sure its happened a few times.

When pushing up from the base there was no red ghost…just the creation of an outline

This probably has to be the same issue you had in the other thread.

This video is the help I think. In one case you are doing fuse, in the other you want to subtract.

Just tap on the label and change the option to the one you want to use!