Unable to view DWG file

Unable to view or open DWG file vie Shapr3D.
But, the file (please see attached zip) can be open via online (sharecad .org).

I would like tho use Shapr3D, because it’s my online software.

3D Mission Bed Matching FB Queen Lower Height PlatSlat.zip (1.2 MB)

I think the folder is empty that’s why we are not able to open it.

3D Mission Bed Matching FB Queen Lower Height PlatSlat.stp (13.5 MB)
Could you please try this for me? It’s SPT file.

Something is wrong with that file. The software tells that the body (bed) is larger than 1 km and could not fit in the workspace.

I got the same error message.

Hey @myasinsuw, upon checking the model I found two problems:

  • For DWG and DXF formats we support two-dimensional content only. If there is a three-dimensional body in the file, it will be skipped during the import.
  • The second is what @Rohan discovered, both models have been placed far away from the origin. Please move the model closer to the origin and the STEP file will open with no issues.