Trouble opening clients .DWG file

So I’m loving Shapr3D for drawing up designs for clients and being able to send all the different files over they may require, we quickly bought the pro version and it’s been great having access to email directly for help to the very helpful staff at shapr3D.

One major problem for me is as soon as a client sends me a .DWG file back and I try to import it, I just get a continuous loading circle, followed by a message saying “something went wrong but your drawing is intact”

Is there something I can do?

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Hi Darren,
following information would be helpful to know.

  • what hardware are you using (Processor, RAM, Graphics Card)?
  • Is the dwg containing 2D or 3D-data?
  • Do you know about the complexity of the geometries, or what is the filesize of the dwg?
    Cheers Matt

I use a Dell Inspiron 5410 2 in 1 with an i7-1195G7 16 GB ram and Intel iris integrated graphics.

It’s in 2d format as the client didn’t want 3d files so assume he wouldn’t be sending them back.

It shouldn’t be overly complex, no more complex than mine.
The project is a ramp fixing to the back of a flat bed vehicle (the ramps mine and the body build is thiers)

I’ve had no trouble exporting and then they have been able to use mine within their software, he’s sent a .DWG back for me to make amendments, but it doesn’t open, I have a pdf he sent also , but zooming in the numbers are blurry, so I need to access the file.

Hmmm… 16GB RAM should be sufficient… at least when the file is not overcomplex… Which software was this DWG created with? Maybe there is annother fileformat available that works for you?

It is hard to tell why this file does not open on your device from the perspective of a forum-member. If you want an answer to why it does not work you could try to contact the shapr3D-support and send them the file, so they could investigate.

But you basically need to open that file for reviewing it in oder to apply changes to your model, right?.
Meanwhile you could open and review the file with the autodesk trueDWG Viewer - as far as I see it it is free to download and install.

Cheers Matt