Unlocking jammed program

While designing the program jammed. I am unable to continue


What do you mean by jammed, could you explain a bit more what happened? Did you restart the app, and still not able to continue? Which app version are you running, on which device?

Dear Lazlo,

After the program was reloaded things are working again.

However from time to time the design I am working on freezes again and I have to close the design and reload

Some small bug is still there

I spoke too soon

We are back to one stroke only

Do I have to reload the program again

Could you please open a ticket for our support at https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, and attach the problematic workspace, as well as the app version, os version, device used, and if you have steps to reproduce the issue? A video could also help.

Thank you!

Dear Lazlo

Thanks for your mail

Mr. Peter Kocs has responded

Ticket #65219

I have replied him

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