Upgrading from iPad Pro Gen 1 to Gen 5

Has anyone done a major iPad Pro upgrade recently? I have been using Shapr3d on my Gen 1 iPad Pro for quite awhile now. As my designs get more and more complicated, I am getting more and more lag, to the extent that I am having to wait 10+ seconds to make changes to complex shapes. I am guessing that the m1 ipad would solve a lot of those problems, but I am looking for testimonials before I hemorrhage that much money.


How many objects are you looking at in your file?

I’m at around 1000 objects (not including sketches) and I experience wait time as it were when moving objects around, duplications transformations etc…

I’m currently using a 4th gen. The 5th gen will be an improvement over the gen 1 (which I also had!!) but your mileage may vary in expectations of how much of a performance improvement you will get

You would definitely get a huge improvement going from 1st to 5th gen, the CPU power helps with calculations, the framerate is higher so everything feels more fluid, the extra memory let’s you create and open more complicated workspaces, and the display is just a different league, even compared to the 4th gen model.

However don’t forget, that there always be a limit to what “any” device is capable of, that limit is just further away. You might run into similar, increased calculation times, just much later, on much more complex models.