iPad Pro 2nd Gen


I have had my iPad Pro stolen and unfortunately not insured.

I have just purchased a 2nd Generation 12.9" iPad Pro, but decided to get the 512GB model and go for 4G this time.

Luckily still have my apple pencil so that has saved me £100. It will not be delivered until 4th August so will have to wait two weeks to get back into the action.

Has anyone used the 2nd Gen with Shapr3D?

If so, is it any better?

Can’t wait to try out the Beta.


Yes, it is a brand new experience on the new Pro :slight_smile:

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The perfomance of the new iPad Pro beats my 3 years old (by the time top-notch) MacBook Pro, by 30-60% in real life use-cases… :slight_smile: the first time I tried it, I did not believe it.

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