New Ipad Pro M1 16GB ram

Have anyone got a hold of this?:slight_smile:

Can you experience any noticeable improvements in the app?

Very curious about this as well. I’m currently using an OG iPad Pro 9.7” and there are times it shows it age. Most of the time it’s just fine but I’m working on a very large model with 1000s of bodies complex actions take a moment.

Hopefully I’ll get one soon (already ordered), and will do some measurements.

I expect performance very close to the M1 macs, which are around 20-30% faster than the last gen iPad Pros.

The 16 gb ram helps with big/complex models, so if you need it, it’s a good choice.

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In that case I can guarantee that you will benefit from the M1 chip and the 16gb RAM. Usually the bottleneck for these large assemblies is the RAM.

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I think we all could benefit from the M1 and 16GB of ram :wink:
My Ol’ Pro is still kicking tho. I’m usually slow to upgrade. I keep my iPhones for 5+ years.


I’m also slow to upgrade phones, though I’m not a power user there. I would be fine with 6-8 apps, don’t really need anything else.

Things that I use for work is different, there I like to upgrade like, every 2nd generation (2-3 years). Performance usually worth it.

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This mini 5 is my first apple product ever

I was looking for a 3D app that work on a portable device because I don’t like to set in front of PC nor Laptop.

And then found onshape
But the subscription price is waaaay sky high.
And there is also privacy issue if you’re not a subscriber, which I didn’t like. :roll_eyes:

When I heard of shapr3d and there is a small size iPad.

I did not think twice. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I’m a little down of this iPad performance
So I’m waiting to see the next mini
Which I heard is mini pro :crossed_fingers:

Ps. I did suggested to Apple a mini pro before a month from the rumors :upside_down_face:
They listen??

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Got some info.

I got the new M1 iPad an hour ago, and did some quick measurements, performance is as expected.

Loading the same model took around 20 sec for the M1, same as the M1 mac Mini, while the 4th gen iPad finished it in aroun 30. Frametimes are also more consistant and lower, so camera movements feel more fluid, and it also means the app can handle bigger models before starting to slow down / lag.

So, its around 30% faster on both CPU and GPU side compared to the previous generation, not to mention the really stunning display. People who are into HDR videos/movies/content creation will love this. :slight_smile:

Update: ran some additional measurements, seems like the GPU is around 2x faster than the previous. Frame times are literally halved (and lower is better in this case).