Use iPad as trackpad

I love being able to use the apple pencil to create shapes with and this is the USP I like about shapr3D over other apps. Would it be possible to have the option of using the iPad as a trackpad - or even swapping between/mirroring the iPad app and the desktop version.

We support keyboard and mouse in the iPad version. Just connect a mouse/trackpad and a keyboard, and it will work like the mac version :slight_smile:

I meant the other way round - ie using the iPad as a trackpad on the desktop version/

There is an app for that! 'El Trackpad' is a new app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a real Mac trackpad with gestures - 9to5Mac


Fantastic - thank you

Hi Istvan,
El Trackpad works great! I just tried it using my iPad Pro as a trackpad and did the usual pan, zoom and rotate navigation on the Mac version of Shapr3D. Thanks for the tip!

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