iPad like View Control Mode for Trackpad. Would be OnShape/Fusion "killer"

Everybody likes how easy it is to manipulate the view control with 1 and 2 fingers on the iPad. Super intuitive. Everybody from 4 to 64 can master this in a few minutes.

Apples Magic trackpad or MacBook’s built-in one has the hardware to give the exact same experience on a Mac. So why not use it???

It would be a huge selling point for Shapr3D compared to OnShape, Fusion etc. The iPad experience is by far the biggest reason I use Shapr3D and not one of the other more mature/full featured apps (sorry Istvan).

On iPad you have the pencil for model manipulation and fingers for view control. With just the trackpad you’d need a way to switch between View Control Mode (VCM) and normal mouse/modelling mode. This could easily be done with one of the many trackpad gestures. E.g. tap or swipe with 3 fingers. Please, no more keyboard modifier.

Unless you add a mouse and make them work independently. Mouse for model and trackpad for View. Basically replacing the space mouse with the trackpad (built-in or stand alone).
The trackpad would be vastly supperios to the 3D space mouse. Not only do you already have it on macbook, you also always have it with you.
But the biggest reason is, it’s much easier to learn. Only take minutes vs. days with the space mouse.

Adding this is a no-brainer to me. Would justify the Mac version and elevates it from something we got, because Apple made it possible to share the code base with a few clicks, to a app/setup that’s even better than the iPad for the office with the bigger monitor.

I haven’t used a windows laptop/computer for years, but I imagine they also have good multi-tough ones these days. Google search seem to think so…

The trackpad could also be emulated with any smart phone or tablet. Android or iOS. And especially with iPad/tablets would give plenty of space for dynamic shortcuts, again outperforming even the Spacemouse Enterprise version.

This is in relation to these two topics: Wacom & Mac input


Hear hear.