How to Use the Pencil on the Mac Desktop Shape3D

I have a Shapr3D Commercial subscription and am very happy with Shapr, learning is fast and rewarding.

I have both and iPad and MacMini M1.

The pencil on the iPad Pro M1 is so fast.

When using Shapr on the MacMini I use the MagicTrackPad-2. is there a way to use the pencil and the trackpad together on the MacMini M1 so the Mac version of Shapr gets the same benefits of the pencil.

I know, I have been doing CAD on Mac since 1984 and have had every kind of track-ball and 3D-Space-Mouse. I run AutoCad 2018 and SharkFX Solids when not using Shapr3D and use a Logitech Ergo thumb trackball with the “SteerMouse track ball extension” so all of the buttons can be made AutoCad friendly. If you do CAD on Mac the SteerMouse extension solves all track-ball issues.

I can tell you nothing beats Shapr3D on the iPad with the pencil, it is the best CAD interface period!!!

How can I used the MagicTrackPad-2 and Apple Pencil-2 when I am running Shapr on the MacMini so I get the same experience as I do on the iPad.

Thank You Shapr3D for the solid modeling app that is winning me over.