Dimension Focus Request

Even simple sketches produce a lot of dimensions when selected.


I know that I can move the labels around but still it is tedious to find a specific dimension out of many.

A Focus or Declutter function would be appreciated. Say 1st click works normally, but a quick 2nd click would display the dimension for that line only.

Thanks for considering this request.



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I’m already thinking of solutions to simplify the visual clutter that is caused by complex sketches. Though this example seems a bit overconstrained, it’s not your fault, you have to make sure, everything stays in place. It’s frustrating. That’s why our current goal is to change the whole sketching engine and improve all sketch related interactions. By doing this, you won’t need point locks and constraints all the time, because sketches will change predictively. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.


Thanks for your reply. Part of my problem here is that I drew my outside contours from an official map that had dimensions in decimal feet. For example, the 94’-11 41/64 inches dimension near the bottom of the sketch was input as 94.97. However when I started measuring items of the driveway, walkways and house, I switched to the longer foot and inch format. It is something I am used to and I needed to use longer tape measures that were in that format. This longer format naturally offers more clutter.

It would be great if shapr kept the dimension format in which it was originally drawn. At least on a plane by plane basis… In this case, I would have drawn the official outside contours using the decimal feet units; then raised a plane some trivial distance and drawn the improvements on that plane in architectural units. And thus I could separate out contours from improvements using Groups for display.

BTW, I consider this little project a success. The tedious part was taking all the measurements. I was able to determine that I can fit a 20’ x 24’ granny shack on the property without blocking any existing windows. The blue shaded rectangle on the left could quickly become the shapr USA office; LOL.





I noticed you can move and place labels to organize them neatly in the sketch but then when you close and display the sketch again, they all bounce back to their original position. It would be nice if they remember the position you put them because it would be great to be able to print the sketches for documentation and engineering reference.

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