Shortcut to turn on/off copy for 3D move/rotate

I started using Shapr3D on an iPad Pro but eventually I installed the macOS app too. I found it easier to export the 3D model and import it into a slicer app this way.

After a couple of app crash on my iPad I decided to use the macOS app for modeling as well and started learning all the shortcuts but I do miss one: when I move or rotate a body I can hit M and can immediately use the gizmo except I’d like to copy because then I need to find the copy button what is not extremely hard but the position (and rotation) is changing based on the direction. I tried to find a shortcut (like hitting C) but as far as I know there is no one.

I also tried holding the Cmd / Shift / Alt / Ctrl without any luck and this is my feature request: when the gizmo is active make holding a modifier activate the copy button. Releasing it should deactivate it so a process like move-copy-copy-move-copy-copy would be much faster.

If I were you I would choose the Cmd because that’s the default modifier when it comes to multiple file selection for example on macOS but since you are already using Shift for selecting multiple bodies (I always try to hold Cmd first :sweat_smile:) that would also work.

Thank you!

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Well, I wanted to post this to the Feature requests, could you please move it there?

edit: found it!

Seconding this! I think aside from not having a shortcut for “sketch,” this is my second biggest wish for shortcut keys. My third is for show/hide hidden geometry (or at least have it as a button).

Of course my BIGGEST wish would be total key customization, but I believe that’s covered in another feature request.

It’s the space button. Hover over a face and press space.

what’s the opposite of space button? is there any? when i select an edge i switch into sketch mode automatically but in some cases i’d like to exit sketch mode and still keep my selection to translate them for example. i use more and more shortcuts and this little step (exit sketch mode but keep selection) screams for a shortcut. i cannot use esc because that removes selection as well so i need to move my mouse (meh :smiley:) to the exit sketch mode button all the time.

Esc :slight_smile:

as i described above i’d like to exit sketch mode and still keep the selected edges. maybe it’s just me but i’d expect to keep my selection through mode changes. i just realized i cannot come up with a use though, i used to leave sketch mode before using the translate tool but i quickly double checked and i can hit N or click on the Translate button in any mode and it even leaves sketch mode so the constraints and grid don’t block the view, very clever. :clap:

by the way i’d expect the app to keep my selection in other situations as well, like i select some bodies and accidentally hit ⌘U instead of ⌘I (or misclick the tool in the menu) and there is no way to cancel the tool without loosing what i already selected. i hit esc or click on cancel the app reverts to the default state. i understand that after actually executing something it’s more likely that the user won’t need the selection anymore but canceling a tool should keep the selection in my opinion.

well, here is a real use case. there are some tools where you can select edges and faces as well, like sweep and loft. i tend to select items first then hit the shortcut because that’s an instant operation as opposing to hit the shortcut first then select, next, select, done. i also tend to select the smaller items first, usually the edges and leave the faces to the end because those are easier targets. but if the faces are not on the same plane as the edges (and with sweep or loft it’s very likely you want to select a face from a different plane) i need to leave sketch mode in order to be able to click on the face. i cannot hit esc because that resets the state and i loose the carefully selected edges.

i show you an example:

i selected 12 edges here, one by one because double click selects the construction edges outside of the rounded corners as well and that would break sweeping. my pointer is not visible on the screenshot but it’s right on the circle in the middle of the construction plane and i still cannot select the face. it’s weird but i could select the construction plane.

so in order to add the face to my selection i need to leave sketch mode and this is where i cannot use a shortcut. hitting esc just resets the selection and i loose all 12 carefully selected edges. leaving sketch mode allows me to select the face so i can hit w at the end.