Using Line to create cuts


I would appreciate some help on this. I would like to create a panel break on a cylinder.
In Moi and Fusion, I´m able to go to the front view, create a line where I would like to slice the object in two.

Is there a way I can do the same in Shapr3D? I watched all the videos and maybe I missed it, but what would be the simplest way to create a panel break on an object?

Example : MoI 3d - Part 1 - Introduction - Should you learn NURBS modeling? - YouTube

I tried to use Project shape but that would not go all the way through the object.

Any help would be appreciated!


Extrude cut your shape (the 2 cuts off the sphere, as seen in the video) but use the "create new body modifier (the tiny blue box), then create and intersection of the 2 bodies (sphere and extruded cut). My Shapr at the moment or I would show you.

It’s a bit kludgy but

On pic 4 choose intersection