Using new drawing features in Shapr3D Pro

Hi all,
I’ve attempted to select a few objects in my workspace and use the new drawing features to export drawings as DXF or DWG. I have the Pro version , which I understand was upgraded to include the new drawing features. When I follow the tutorial, I never see the option for drawing from objects - the only option is drawing from selected sketches.

Am I missing a step somewhere that I don’t see the right option, is this feature not activated on my version or subscription, or something else?



Did you update to the latest app version? (4.0.1). Drawings are only available from 4.0.0 and above.

I’m still on 3.60 - how do I update? In the app store it doesn’t show a new version available, just opens my present version. And I don’t see any update links in the settings for either Shapr or in the control panel.

When you open this link, can you see the update button? ‎Shapr 3D CAD modeling on the App Store

I think I have it updating now, thanks!

Awesome :slight_smile: Let us know how you like it!

I just played around with it briefly - wow! what a tool! I wasn’t expecting the level of interaction and ability to dimension whatever you wanted, extend leader lines, move dimension blocks around, etc. I’m just a hobbyist with limited need for these capabilities, but can actually see using this in my work as well.


And it’s just the beginning! :slight_smile: