Versioning models in parametric

I’ve been using the parametric beta for a couple weeks and am struggling to get used it it but I know it will eventually be the default version of the app so I’m forcing myself.

What I enjoyed about the “classic” version of shapr3d is the all out direct modeling focus. I often end up creating 50-100 sketches per design while I am working through the concept changing features over and over again to work as a whole. I get this isn’t best practice but it’s what works well for me and how my mind works.

In classic I would just delete the sketch and move on and because of this I never really had more than a couple sketches at a time in any model and shapr3d always ran really quickly because of this. I understand in parametric that the sketches link back to the objects and I can’t just delete sketches anymore so I’ve been hiding them and throwing them in a sketches folder as suggested. However, I find now that it’s making the file size grow and causing my fairly highly spec’d PC to slow down.

I figured one way around this could be to export the file as step and start a new file. This however is a bad user experience and workflow. It would be nice to have a brake point/fork/versioning option where I could say I’m happy with the current state, start v1. 1 so I can keep the file lite.

I also understand that parametric is industry standard and for shapr3d to grow as a company and for a the software I love so much to be sustainable they have to grow and change to reach a broader customer base and parametric is part of that. I just hope that through this growth the team doesn’t cause shapr3d to lose what made them unique and what brought me to them in the first place. Its very clean and organic direct modeling.

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It should not slow down your computer and you should be able to use Shapr3D just like you were using the pure direct modeling version. Can you provide specific examples where you had performance issues? In the beta version performance issues are expected, we are working on eliminating them.

The current model I’m working on has 5 bodies and 30 sketches.

Main issue is the application starts to stutter after I create lots of sketches back to back. When I close out the app and reopen a fresh instance it runs ok for a while. It starts to slow down over the course of around a half hour of modeling. This has only been tested on my Windows 11 Desktop. My desktop setup is i7-1400k, 64GB ram and 4070 which should be more than ample to run that.

I do understand this is still beta software, it otherwise has run ok. There are a few other things that I’ve found that I’m not sure if they are bugs or changes in the interface. For instance, in classic if i select a surface or sketch that id like to extrude I am able to automatically use my keyboard number pad to type in the value I want. In the beta, when i select a surface or sketch I also have to then manually select the arrow for the box to accept a value. It’s a small muscle memory thing but i find myself constantly selecting a surface, typing a value hitting enter and nothing happening just to forget I have to manually click the arrow each time.


Can you share a problematic design in .shapr format?

Sure, here is the project.

Split Lap Conversion.shapr (128.9 KB)

Thank you, we’ll take a look.

I have another one I was working on today that was really chugging on both my iPad and desktop. Can I send you three file for review.? This one I don’t want to upload publicly to an open form

You can send them in a support ticket, we’ll check the designs soon

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