How to use non-parametric version? Sketching is impossibly laggy

Hi, i use the app the microsoft store provides. Anyway to go back to non-parametric version? Through time it becomes so laggy, i cant do anything. Help is greatly appreciated

File Boxes.shapr - Google Drive


Windows 11 Pro; 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700H 2.30 GHz
Motherboard: LENOVO LNVNB161216; Intel Alder Lake-P PCH; Version: J2CN54WW
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop (GA104M) [Lenovo]; PCIe v4.0 x16 (16.0 GT/s) @ x8 (2.5 GT/s); 8 GB; GDDR6 SDRAM; 256-bit
Memory: 2x DDR5-4800 / PC5-38400 DDR5 SDRAM SO-DIMM

I reset my pc and tried with an old project, created in the non-parametric version and it is the same


I recreated the boxes from scratch in a new project and used a dedicated area for all sketches, nicley spaced apart. Sadly, its only a little better; still unusable

Also, i exported just 2 3D rectangles and imported them to a new project; it was just as laggy

Anything i can do??

Thanks so much



My laptop is not the issue. The non-parametric version ran fantastically. I had a complex skeleton for a table saw, with ~100 screw holes, screws, washers & nuts. Sketching was easy

Great support, Shapr3D staff!

@darren first of all, sorry about the late response. Does the issue still persist in the latest version?

In recent releases we worked hard on improvement performance, and would be curious to learn whether it helped your case as well.