Parametric Not Working Well

I am attempting to work with the new parametric version. I have a Windows 11 laptop with an i7-13700DH 2400Mhz processor. It has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU and 64GB of RAM.
The process with the parametric software is extremely slow it now takes up to 3 minutes to load a model and if I add sub models it again takes 2 to 3 minutes to load.
The software while working with bodies lags to the point that I cannot accurately place items where I need them. The replicas that I build have as many as 90 separate bodies and probably 200 plus separate sketches. I have tried to build each body on its own then bring it into the main work but the time delay is aggravating.
Up to this point I have really enjoyed using Shapr3d for my modeling hobby but it is now a frustrating chore to use this software.


Could you please reach out to our support team and share the affected designs? We would need to take a look to understand what causes the performance issues.

Thank you for reaching out. I believe my problem is the way I have taught myself how to direct model with Shapr 3D. I use a bunch of haphazard sketches to achieve my desired outcome then tend to delete those sketches. I also will build complete components and save them to use in different models. This was not an issue with direct modeling, but it becomes a problem with parametric modeling when I bring the component into a model it also brings in the associated sketches which tends to clutter up the database. In essence I use Shapr3D as a sketching tool to extrude solid bodies then do not have further use for the sketches.

I have become very comfortable with the tools that Shapr3d provides to help me create my models and I believe I have found a work around which will allow me to continue to use these tools without the issues my haphazard use of these tools creates with parametric modeling.

I am sure that at some point I will get comfortable using parametric modeling efficiently but until that time I will still enjoy my hobby using a little cheat.

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There is easy fix for that. Just export and import these models in X_T or STEP format.

Ive been having performance issues too. Started using Shapr a year ago and it was working great… now I cant work on an isolated object without Shapr buffering 2-3 time at every mouse click… slow, laggy. Horrible to work with at the moment. Such a downer

If you experience performance issues please share the design with our support team if you can, we’d like to investigate the problem.

If your project is large, try turning off syncing temporarily. It helped me. Be nice to be able to set time custom intervals for syncing and sync on exit maybe.

That is my work around. Instead of saving my work as shapr files I save as X_T. I think is my bad work habits that are causing my issues. I do see the advantage of parametric modeling but until I can get comfortable with it. I will continue to use this method.